Stir Frying Is The Healthy Way To Cook

Stir frying is a very healthy way of cooking. When using this method of cooking there is very little oil that needs to be used. Many stir fries are made with vegetables, and this method of cooking makes sure that they retain the majority of vitamins and minerals.

This type of cooking is used extensively in Asian countries. The best way to stir fry is to use a wok. Woks can be conventional or electric. This kind of cooking is fast and easy. All that is required is to chop up items of food and throw them into the heated wok
There are many types of electric woks on the market. They are usually round, with a smaller bottom than top. The temperature is controlled via the temperature control switch. More traditional woks can be bought in many Asian stores. These are usually made of copper or steel and they can either be placed directly on the cooking element, or if they have a rounded instead of flat bottom, they will need a ring that supports them on the cooking element.

Most food cooks within a matter of minutes because it is chopped up and small. It is possible to make delicious stir fries using diced chicken and vegetables. Adding a bit of soy sauce and some chopped garlic and ginger, will give a delicious Asian flavor to the food.

There are many specially prepared Asian sauces that go wonderfully with this type of food. Many people will add a little oil to the wok and then put in the chopped up meat of choice. This is browned a bit, and then the vegetables are added and cooked until just slightly crisp. Sauces and other condiments can be added at any time.

Stir frying is very easy and even the most modest chef should have little trouble making a mouth-watering entree. Stir fries are often served over a bed of white rice or Asian style noodles. This is a very filling meal and can feed the whole family without having to spend too much time in the kitchen. There is no end to the recipes that can be concocted by using a wok.

There are many cook books on the market that will easily show the novice cook how to prepare fast and delicious wok meals. There is no mess involved in this kind of cooking. Everything is chopped on a board or plate and then thrown into the wok. The food is easily cooked, and when the stir frying is done the food can be poured onto a plate.


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