Sushi Accompaniments

Takeaway night, that time when you just don't want to cook, and reach in the drawer for all the menus. If you fancy trying something new, then a sushi delivery may be on the cards. If you are new to the world of Japanese cuisine, you'll also want to source some accompaniments for your meal.

Dips are very popular with Western sushi eaters, and make good accompaniments to Sashimi, the raw fish sushi, hot dishes such as prawn katsu, and hand rolls, which are cones of rice and fillings. Sushi London, may also provide dips with nigiri, which is rice with various toppings. Dips include soy sauce, sweet chilli, teriyaki, and spicy mayo.

Ginger is also popular, with gari, a sweet pickled ginger often part of sushi menus. It's said this delicacy can aid digestion, and cleanse the palate. Sometimes a ginger will be served with wasabi. Often nicknamed 'Japanese horseradish', this plant is used to add spice and flavour to dishes.  Real Wasabi is grated onto a dish, but as it is expensive, a western version, using horseradish powder, mustard powder, and green dye in a paste, is used.

No sushi delivery would be complete without a drink, so if you are planning a complete Japanese meal, why not try sake. Nicknamed 'rice wine', it's actually fermented and brewed using a similar process found in beer making. The starch to sugar to alcohol conversion, produces a rice based drink with a high volume of alcohol, often diluted to make it easier to drink.

Sushi London takeaways often include added extras too, so if sushi won't fill you up, you could also order seaweed salad, a side order of edamame beans, or a portion of white rice and sesame seeds. Whatever you choose to go with your sushi, enjoy the new dining experience.

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